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Mobile design

Websites that are built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices.

We always think mobile first

It's a fact that almost everybody is mobile, but is your brand taking the best advantage of this?

Your audience is mobile but what about your website? With smartphone and tablet adoption soaring around the world, traditional desktop browsing is shifting to mobile browsing.

At MintTwist, we design and develop responsive mobile websites that work across all platforms – regardless of what device or operating system visitors use, our mobile web design team will ensure your website always displays properly giving users an optimal experience.

  • Benefits of mobile design
  • Improved search visibility
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increase mobile conversions
  • Enhance customer experience
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Higher conversion rates

A design that works on any screen size leads to much higher user engagement

Faster load times

Only serving what is required on a mobile device means the page loads much more quickly

Improved SEO

With Google now indexing sites from a Mobile First perspective, it’s imperative to design for mobile

Are you mobile ready?

Our mobile web design experts can develop a responsive website or a mobile-specific website:

  • Generate more organic search traffic – search engine algorithms will now penalise your mobile rankings if you do not have a mobile-friendly site.
  • Engage visitors – developing responsive and mobile websites that deliver an all-round customer experience no matter what device they are accessing your site from.
  • Increase enquiries about your company and products – making creative website designs that entice audiences to explore and enquire about products and services.
  • Improve usability – applying our extensive user experience knowledge to create intuitive and easy-to-use websites to minimise visitor frustration and abandonment rates.

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Responsive v.s. mobile-specific design

We can help you decide which approach will work best for your business. We also have in-house app development agency skills so if your project requires a dedicated mobile app – we’ll have you covered. The two approaches to developing a mobile website are:


The design responds to the screen size you are viewing it on. The website automatically adjusts whether you are viewing it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Mobile-specific web design

Built as a separate mobile website, with a different design and (sometimes) different content to the main website.

Mobile website or app?

An alternative or complimentary channel is to create an app. If mobile and app content are similar then it may be more cost-effective to choose one option.

Using data such as analytics, demographics and customer behaviour will determine if a mobile version of your website is better. We can assist you through this process to make the right decision for your customers and strategy. If you aren’t looking for a mobile website, we can also work with you to develop a mobile app. Our full mobile development services include:

Our mobile web design approach

Going mobile will not only boost leads and conversions from your website, but also creates a seamless experience for your audience as they move from your desktop website or app. Strategically integrating mobile to existing marketing strategies can boost your profile and increase customer satisfaction.

Our digital design and web development teams work together to create mobile experiences by:

Analysing current mobile statistics

We can advise you on the right approach to mobile and what content it should include.

Understanding user behaviour

How people access information, what they view and for how long is different for mobile. We look at how your existing visitors behave to optimise mobile websites for maximum conversions.

MintTwist helped us to create a completely new business line with the music library. The creative input the team had was invaluable and we are delighted with our new website.
Anastasia Pegi Digital Manager at Ninja Tune